Adirondacks 2006

Our annual adventure in the High Peaks with our niece and nephew:
each of the kids is now at 10, and Susan is at 20, of the 46 High Peaks.

We have to eat! Ginger cookies representing the 46 high peaks plus a few extras.

Monday - Miss C showing the excitement that grips her just as a grueling hike begins.

More excitement at the trailhead. Note how clean they look.

She just can't contain the excitement!

Pausing for a breather overlooking Chapel Pond

At the Giant's Washbowl, frog "hunting".

One of many rest stops on the open rocks above the Giant's Washbowl.

Working her way up a pitch that's steeper than it looks in this image.

Looking back down towards the peak in the image just to the left.

Susan at summit number 19 (for her).

The view from the summit, through broken clouds.

Kids at their summit number 8.

A rare clear break in the clouds reveals one of the many bumps we crossed en route to the summit.

A partial view into the cirque on the west face of Giant, looking northwest.

The family pauses for a photo atop the summit, courtesy of fellow hikers.

Balsam cones


Spotted touch-me-not

The junction to Rocky Peak Ridge; #20 for Susan, #9 for kids.

Restoring fluids and nutrients after Rocky Peak Ridge

Tuesday - ready to head to JBL.

Washing up in John's Brook - no soap, just 53 degree water and elbow grease!

Wednesday - en route to Marcy: stop at the former Hogback leanto site

Second breakfast along the Hopkins Trail.

Nurse log/

Beautiful trail; tough going

Mossy dribble along the trail.

First lunch with Marcy in sight.

On Marcy's cone - summit not far now.

Looking back towards Basin and Gothics, foreground; Giant and Rocky Peak Ridge background.

Although Haystack dominates this view, there are at least nine other high peaks including Dix, Hough, South Dix, Macomb, Dial, Nippletop, Sawteeth, Blake, and Colvin.

Miss C checks out the commemorative plaque atop Marcy's summit. Note the trail restoration work.

The family poses with Lauren, the summit steward, atop the summit.

Family photo #2, atop Marcy's summit.

Bill & kids pose at the beginning of the descent.

Heading down from Marcy's open summit.

Descending from Marcy, Basic begind to dip behind the trees.

Susan does her bit to keep Slant Rock from falling over.

What to do with no TV? Card shark, of course!

Thursday - ready to bid adieu to JBL

Friday - Bob & Bill kayaking in Upper Cascade Lake

Even Miss C joins the family passion for fly fishing.

Brother and sister enjoy quality time in the kayak.

Artsy kayak shot.

Finishing the day and the week with a twilight fish at Monument Falls.