Adirondack Swimming Trip

2006 May 19-22

Adirondacks Main

Packing Lunches

Home Sweet Home

Marcy Dam

Nice Scenery

Crossing Phelps Brook at High Water

Along Phelps Brook

Second Lunch

Courage, Ma petite

Stairs? Stream?

Noon: the rain begins

Herd path, a.k.a. Tabletop Brook

The marvelous summit

Fifth lunch

Road trip: MacIntyre Blast Furnace

Road trip: MacIntyre Furnace & tourist

Road trip: Ghost town of Tahawus

Peering into the past


Hidden treasure

Tabletop (circled)

High Peaks panorama

Our old friend, Gothics

Marcy peeking at right; Tabletop circled

Monday morning - how rude!

It's snow! About 1 cm!