Adirondack Trips 2007

Winter and Summer

with Family & Adopted Family


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January 2007 - Winter Escape to Mt Jo and Whiteface with Family

Woo-Hoo, Whiteface!

Cascade in winter garb

03 Jan:
Mt Jo - Hydration Stop

on Mt. Jo

Jo's Summit

Portrait atop Jo

View SE from Jo

Lunch on Jo

Lenticular cloud
above Algonquin

Zu on Jo

Miss C strikes a pose

Fun in the snow
descending from Jo

04 Jan: Ski &
Snowboard day
@ Whiteface

Zu carves it

Dave & Dave at top
of Cloudsplitter

Stopping midway

Thank Goodness for
Summer 2007: High Peaks Escapades with Unca Bill, Spike, and Mike
Esther Adventure

Ready to head
down the highway
to find the trail
for Mt. Esther

State trail
goes along base
of the road

At the start of the
Esther herd path

Log walkway
in Esther col

1er and 11er
on Esther summit

Lunch at summit

Hiking's not neat!

Goofing around
on return from

Celebrating along
the trail

Mountain woman!

1er at top of
state trail

11er (*hungry?)
Phelps Mt. or bust!

Morning at
Marcy Dam

Snack stop
at Marcy Dam

Phelps Brook

At Phelps jct.

On the way
up Phelps

Almost at
the top - the
Great Range
comes into view

Gothics appears
above Tabletop

Handsome group
at Phelps summit

Summits are
places -
watch where
you step!

Cooling off
in Phelps Bk
on the way
One "day off" from hiking to visit "Wet and Wild Wednesday" at the Olympic Jumping Complex

Jumper 1

Jumper 2

Jumper 3


It beats hiking
up the hill!
Big Hike up Big Slide (via the Brothers)

"First Brother"

First of
many views

First artsy-
fartsy view

Nutrition stop
on First Brother


Steep slope

Working her way
up the slope

Steep slope

Peak ahead
but not the
of Big Slide

Almost there
(see the


Almost at

13er and 3er
at summit

Taking in the
scenery from
Big Slide summit

View to the south
Part of the
summit crowd

Map check

The day's reward:
frolicking at the
Johns Brook
water slide
Hanging out at Heart Lake

Cloudy view

Clouding over

Rain is arriving

The view
from Mt Jo

Fun at the
nature museum