Adirondacks 2013

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A Tale of Six Peaks: Part 1 - Gothics and friends (4 peaks) - 2013 - 08 - 19
Rolling a BFR into place
Hurricane Irene's handiwork from 2011
Getitng closer to the new slide
Why Ore Bed Brook is so named...
Up close and personal with the slide
The new ladder. Read more about it here.
The infamous cables
Family photo at the summit of Gothics; photographer photographed
Looking back at Gothics en route to Armstrong
Gothics, Saddleback (Basic peeking up behind Saddleback; Marcy to R and Skylight to L behind Basin)
Some of the "fun" coming down from Armstrong
More "fun" descending from Upper Wolf Jaws
4 in one day! (After Lower Wolf Jaws)
"Base camp" was Johns Brook Lodge.
A Tale of Six Peaks: Part 2 - Giant & Rocky Peak Ridge- 2013 - 09 - 28
Near the washbowl: looking down at Round Mtn and Chapel Pond
The Great Range (and friends) from the Chapel Pond overlook
Crossing the end of the Washbowl
Picture-perfect reflections at 0845
Some moderately-steep stuff
Some really freaky steep stuff
Junction 150 meters below Giant's summit; Rocky Peak Ridge trail and summit
Looking southwest from the top
19ers heading back after 2 more peaks
One of the many open views: Dix & Dial dominate the backfground with Hunter's Pass in between
Giant's Washbowl beckons below, with Round Mt and Noonmark dominating the view in the middle distance
Colvin, Noonmark, Skylight, Sawteeth, Haystack, Basin, Pyramid, Gothics, Armstrong, and both Wolf Jaws
Yet another open nubble along the trail
Dix Pond; Grace Peak (a.k.a. East Dix) at upper right
The sun may have disappeared in the woods, but it still casts its waning glow on the cliffs overlooking rte. 73.
"Base camp" this time: The Interlaken Inn
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