2014 Peak Bagging (let's call it what it was!)
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July 5 - Susan & Bill's Short-day Mini Hike to Snow
Near the trailhead
Waterfalls en route
Dix, Dial, Nippletop in view
Better view
Our shortened day was capped with a visit to the Adirondack Museum (Essex County Museum) in Elizabethtown to see this "shrine" to the late Grace Hudowalski
The actual summit
August 10-13 - Johns Brook Lodge Base Camp with D & N
(Some pix by D; some by N)
August 11 - Basin & Saddleback
En route to Slant Rock
On the way up the Shorey Short Cut
More fun on the Shorey Short Cut
Basin teases us with its seeming proximity
Haystack says hello
(pic by D)
On the way up Basin
Our group, France, & Leann atop Basin
Bill recovering on Basin
(pic by N)
Leaving Basin
Looking forward to Saddleback
On the way up Saddleback. That's not sky: it's a blue cloud from the "commentary" by hikers about the "fun" on the steep slope.
Slides on Basin's south side from Saddleback
(pic by D)
Heading away from Saddleback (pic by D)
Checking out Gothics from the east side of Saddleback
The picture N was taking
(pic by N)
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August 12 - Haystack - pics by D
At the junction for Haystack vc Marcy
"A great stack of rock"
The summit in sight
Looking into Pather Gorge
Descending Haystack
Recollections of yesterday's "fun": the junction with the Shorey Short Cut
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August 30 - September 1: Gray and Skylight
(pix by D)
The new bridge downstream from Marcy Dam
What remains of Marcy Dam courtesy of Hurricane Irene
On the soggy trail
More sogginess
"Dang, we love this fun in the mud!"
At Lake Tear of the Clouds
Gray's remnarkable summit
Remarkable hikers on Gray
Snackifying at Lake Tear of the Clouds
The summit of Skylight
"Great view!"
Second lunch on Skylight
Health stop on the way back
Suspension bridge on the Opalescent River
Avalanche Lake beckons: only 6 more miles to the car!
Hitch-Up Matilda along Avalanche Lake
The slope of Mt. Colden broods
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