Adventures in Bread-Baking - 2011-2014

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These adventures in bread-baking have been drawn from a number of sources, all of which are referenced in the side bar.

Some of my inspiration is coming from the web; in particular, King Arthur Flour's Extra Tangy Sourdough. This remarkable bread is not for the faint of heart, as it has a very assertive sour flavor. That, though, is balanced by the fact that sourdough white bread has a glycemic index rating and overall nutritional value equivalent to, or better than, regular whole wheat bread. And one does get used to the flavor.

For this, I use a sourdough that I purchased from King Arthur Flour in 2008. With regular use (every 7 to 14 days) and feeding, it has grown into something unique. At this juncture it's 100% hydrated.

And to add a little interest to the sourdough, I do the final proofing in wicker bannetons, available from either King Arthur Flour's store or from Golda's Kitchen In Toronto.

My other inspiration has come from Jeffrey Hamelman's "Bread" and Richard Bertinet's two great books, "Dough" and "Crust". Each of the latter is a multimodal text, as each book includes a DVD with videos that truly enhance and supplement the outstanding imagery in print.

Images below show randomly-selected projects. If they were made from a recipe located on the web, a link is included so you can get the recipe for yourself. Otherwise, where an author's name is listed, refer to his hard-copy recipe book.

Buon appetito!

Adventures in Bread-Baking, 2011-2014

All images below:


Used Pain Rustique recipe; divided into 4 then final proof in linen couches.

2014 Oct 8

Montreal-Style Bagels

Recipe from Korena in the Kitchen (blog)

The ones in this image are from my slightly-adapted version of her recipe.

2014 Mar 18

Whole Wheat with Multigrain Soaker (Hamelman)

2014 Jan 7

2013's Panettone

From Wild Yeast - takes 3-4 days from starter #1 to finished product

2013 Dec 16-19

Five-Grain Levain (boules, right) (Hamelman)

Norwich Sourdough (batards, left) (based on Hamelman's Vermont Sourdough)

10 Jun 2013

Pain de Beaucaire

(recipe, from Wild Yeast Blog)

23 Aug 2012

Norwich Sourdough


08 Jun 2012




Colomba Pasquale

(King Arthur Flour)

06 Apr 2012


Oatmeal Bread

(Artisan Breads - CIA at Home)

19 Feb 2012


Old World Baguette
(Leader's Local Breads)


Vermont Sourdough (Hamelman's Bread)

12 Feb 2012

My annual


December 2011




26 Nov 2011




Scali Bread

King Arthur Flour

18 Nov 2011

Wild Yeast (Sourdough) Baguettes

King Arthur Flour

12 Nov 2011

Foreground: White flour; background: sub 33% muiltigrain flour

11 Feb 2011

(Lower detail of crumb)

Peasant Bread

(Artisan Breads - CIA at Home)

18 Sep 2011


Oatmeal Bread

(Artisan Breads - CIA at Home)

10 Sep 2011




Sourdough Multigrain

(Hamelman's Bread)

12 June 2011



(bottom image features the 24 July batch of this bread in our new kitchen)

Hamburger Buns

King Arthur Flour

12 June 2011

English Muffins (50% whole wheat)

King Arthur Flour

15 May 2011

Wheat & Spelt Sourdough

(Wild Sourdough)

Mar 27 2011








Mar 12 2011


I ran out of counter space, so following the lead of an image from the book, I, too, hung mine up.


Recipe in book made six fougasses each approx 20 cm diameter once baked.

King Arthur Flour's Extra-Tangy Sourdough

27 Feb 2011

Hamelman's Wheat Bread

02 Feb 2011


Final proofing in round bannetons




(Lower image)

Detail of crumb

09 Apr 2011





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