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We've just resumed our interest in cycling in the past couple of years. The information and links here are provided for information only. Use at your own risk.


Prince Edward County Cycling Routes - PDF of paper map available from the PEC Tourism Office (4.4 MB)

Home-made maps:
(Google Earth screen captures, annotated; all PDF)

Niagara Parks Recreation Trail - The Whirlpool to Niagara-on-the-Lake

Prince Edward County - Caley Ln (West Lake) loop via Salmon Pt

Prince Edward County - Cherry Valley to Salmon Pt via back roads

Prince Edward County - Milford (mostly) Flatlander Loop

Prince Edward County - South Bay to Prince Edward Point

Note: as of 10 July 2014 some sections of this route were being resurfaced, necessitating travel for 500-600 m on fresh gravel

Waterfront Trail, Cornwall ON westward to Bird Sanctuary


Prince Edward County Cycling Information - PEC Official Website

Cycling Ontario's Prince Edward County - from

Suggested routes for casual cyclists (Prince Edward County)-

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