Welcome Tasha !


Our herd increased by 100% on Sunday 14 October, 2012. Tasha, a female seal-point Siamese, joined the household. 24 hours later, as I write this, she's sleeping after frolicking most of the night and morning, and doing her best to turn boy-boy Tristan's world askew.
Warning: may be too cute for some viewers!

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The grand arrival. I wonder what Tristan is thinking?


Tasha was born 15 August, the only one in her litter.



Ten days chez nous and she's already climbing the cat tree and jockeying for a perch. Above, Tristan tries to groom her...
A watershed moment! Sharing the same bucket in the cat tree.
Oct 29/12

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Tristan Boy-Boy!

April 9, 2011, Tristan, a blue-point Siamese, joined our household. He was born 7 February, one of a pair of kittens.



Feb 2012: He's just discovered these neat cat-heaters placed strategically throughout the house.



2 cats at work

2012 January


New Living-Room Decoration

Squirrel hunting perch
2012 November 2

My house, my table: you gotta problem with that?

In the crabapple tree, about 2.5 meters up!
Yes, he got down under his own steam.
2011 October 5

Supervising 2011 August 14

Hideout 2011 August 11

Tree cat 2011 August 28

Yes, he's on a leash. And, yes, he is learning to go for "walkies." - Photo by Doug, 2011-06-01

Guarding the Office Chair
2011 May 08



Relaxing in the library,
2011 April 16




Below (all):

2011 April 10; with us 1 day



Sadly, the cats pictured below no longer roam the halls, rooms, closets, and furniture of our house: Pansy (lilac point Siamese) finally succumbed to her hyperthyroidism on October 20, 2010. These photos have been taken during the last dozen years or so and show them in a variety of "charming" and "interesting" poses.

Fat Boy (black and white) went to "cat heaven" on 2009 September 28 after a summer-long bout with a number of ailments. He is missed very much. Daisy (dark Siamese) also went to "cat heaven" in 2010 June 29 after a long bout with feline dementia and kidney failure. She, too, is missed dearly.

Life is just too rough! Buddies?
Tree cat Radiators are a cat's best friend
Caught in the act! Bad cat!



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