Peaks and Valleys 2011

Adventures Pre- and Post-Irene


August 16-19: Pre Irene visits to Tabletop and Colden

Indian Falls - 1

View from Indian Falls towards McIntryres

Haystack from Tabletop

Marcy & Gray from Tabletop

Back to Indian Falls


Pattern in water

Indian Falls - 2


Along Marcy Brook

Lake Arnold

Lichen Garden on Mt. Colden

Marcy from Colden

L-R: Marcy/Gray/Skylight

Looking into Feldspar Brook

Looking NNE from summit

Looking NNW from summit

Looking down into Avalanche Pass from summit

Sedges on summit

Lake Colden & Flowed Lands form summit

Flag tree as we descended

Avalanche Lake from south end

Hitch-Up Matilda

Trap Dyke
Sept 12-16: Post-Irene visits to Hurricane & Avalanche Pass

Beaver Pond en route to Hurricane

Plank walkway around beaver pond

Trail to Hurricane


View to west from summit

View SW from summit

View S from summit

The abandoned fire tower

Fire tower view

Erratic and flag tree

More plank walkway

Alternate brook crossing en route to Marcy Dam

Picking the way across

Peeled off the rock

Marcy Dam sans walkway

Breach in dam has lowered pond level

Old trail eroded down about 45 cm

In Avalanche Pass

Moose tracks - 1

Elsewhere in Avalanche Pass

"Fat Man's Squeeze" in Avalanche Pass

At the bottom of a new slide in Avalanche Pass

Avalanche Lake from the north end

Debris field from another new slide visible at far end of Avalanche Lake

Avalanche Mt

Moose tracks - 2

Avalanche Lake

At Marcy Dam - debris from dam on both sides of brook

Mt Colden & Avalanche Mt from remains of Marcy Dam